Coinbase Ceo Objects Reddit Bitcoin Censorship

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4 Mar 2016.

As you're aware, there is a large disagreement about how bitcoin should.

but there are some things which I find very concerning about them as a.

I continue to encourage everyone to move to as an alternative that is censorship free.

Co-Founder and CEO at @Coinbase.

29 Jul 2016.

Coinbase & Reddit CEOs Discuss The Removal OF Theymos As.

claimed the comments and posts removed from /r/Bitcoin amount to censorship,

the company's own inclination to let things play out and generally be open.

31 Aug 2017.

A bot was released on Reddit called "censorship notifier" that was.

Notifies people in /r/bitcoin if their comments or posts get silently.

“I am open to feedback and suggestions (though it will take some time to implement things).

Bitcoin to Peak at $115,000 by August Next Year, Says Pantera Capital CEO.

Brian Armstrong – Bitcoin Exchange & Coinbase CEO.

Coinbase didn't sign this letter because I think the intention behind it is wrong. On the.

neutral and each exchange could explain the difference with a notice and let things happen.

named Blockstream, by hiring key developers and heavily censoring discussions.

🔴CEO CoinBase Brian Armstrong Equates BITCOIN to NETSCAPE as OLD Failing Tech. ETH 2.0 Whale💲+FRANCE14/11/2016  · In a post that was downvoted to -749 points , /u/theymos threatens to ban prominent Bitcoin company Coinbase and its CEO Brian Armstrong from /r/bitcoin for supporting block size increase proposal.

A new censorship debate is taking place on the Bitcoin GitHub page, and hardly anyone will be surprised Cobra-Bitcoin is involved in the mix once again. This latest issue revolves around whether or not Coinbase should be removed from the website. Apparently, their leadership keeps making ‘bad decisions” and they “try to undermine Bitcoin in some way”.

Coinbase CEO Objects Reddit Bitcoin Censorship, Decides to Censor Moderators CEO of Coinbase hosted a firechat with Reddit CEO Steve Huffman to discuss the seriousness of the censorship in /r/Bitcoin.

13 Nov 2016.

Please do not use the censored /r/bitcoin or Bitcointalk.

He posted about it in an uncensored Bitcoin subreddit.

Coinbase and its CEO Brian Armstrong from / r/bitcoin for supporting block size increase proposal BIP101.

“That is why repeatedly saying things like that to someone is so dangerous.”.

Could decentralized media do better? It hasn’t yet, as Civil and TruStory show, but Jack Dorsey wants to test some ideas.

Theymos is a and Bitcointalk administrator and Reddit Bitcoin moderator.

Coinbase CEO Objects Reddit Bitcoin Censorship, Decides to Censor.