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The world famous rapper Soulja Boy, is one of the first hip-hop emcees to include crypto in the title of a track with the release of his new album that contains the ‘Bitcoin’ rap song. The Chicago-based rapper has released his fourth studio album this week under his alter ego, Young Drako, which is not only making news due to its catchy hooks and unique sound but also because it has a.

Bitcoin Rap Music the Crypto magic rapper is here to teach newbies how to use bitcoin. Wallets and some basic faucet sites byTraviss Moreau aka Rin Chain Saw. Free Mp3 music hosted on Youtube. Make money online With traffic exchange software and use cryptocurrency like bitcoin to make money.

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Chris Record - HODL GANG - Bitcoin Rap Remix #hodlgang50 Cent was the first rapper to be paid in bitcoin and it really worked out for him His 700 bitcoins are worth a lot now. By Lily Puckett. January 23, 2018 Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent.

22/03/2018 · And you thought that guy in your office who used to give you twice-daily updates about the value of his Bitcoin was bad.

Meet CoinDaddy, a white rapper who spits rhymes about crypto-mother-effin’-currency, yo. According to 28-year-old Arya Bahmanyar, CoinDaddy “has to be the worst person ever”. That’s kind of an important quote.

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