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1076, MagicCoin (MAGE)MagicCoin, $0.11, -0.05 %, 4.09 %, 9.33 %, $842.

12 mei 2020.


sharder protocol(SS), uPlexa(UPX), DigitalPrice(DP), Zetacoin(ZET).

MagicCoin(MAGE), ngot(NGOT), Crypto Sports(CSPN), Maza(MZC).

Bitcoin Vault Vs Wallet Casascius Physical Bitcoin Casascius physical bitcoins, also called Casascius coins, are physical metal coins created by Bitcoin user Casascius (Mike Caldwell, Sandy, Utah, USA) and sold until Nov 26, 2013, that contain an embedded piece of paper with digital Bitcoin value, covered by a tamper-resistant hologram. He coined the name “Casascius” from an acronym for “call a spade a spade.” Mike Caldwell first introduced physical bitcoins for purchase in 2011. He coined the name “Casascius” from an acronym for. Bitcoin


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MAGE MagicCoin · $0.044423 · 13.21% · EDO Eidoo · $0.202691525351 · 0.121939.

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