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26 Mar 2020.

Other top news: Bitcoin-Red Cross coronavirus fundraiser for Italy. Universal Basic Income. Steem's hard fork into Hive. Blockchain reopens.

With its flagship AntMiner bitcoin mining equipment still dominating the hardware market and its mining pools accounting for.

01/12/2016  · Can a Hard Fork bring Steemit back? One of the problems that the hard fork aims to solve is the fast decline in Steem value. The idea is to rely less on long term participants. To this effect, the hard fork will not change Steem’s inflation rate. What will change is the distribution of that 9.5% inflation. Of that 9.5% annual inflation.

Cryptocurrency company United American Corp. has asked a Florida federal judge to deny attempts by Kraken, Bitmain and prominent bitcoin investor Roger Ver to avoid facing antitrust claims that they.

06/04/2020  · Steemit has deployed soft fork 22.888 and it freezes the accounts of Hive-related users, which is the version of Steemit that split off and formed its own independent community after Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation purchased Steemit. A total of $3.2 million of Steemit user’s funds has been frozen due to this soft fork. This is just the latest episode in the continuing saga of Steemit’s.

Steemit, the popular blockchain-based content platform, will be undergoing its Velocity hard fork in just over a week. Yesterday, the team published a tweet and article that announced the.

18 Mar 2020.

This new direction steps away from the burden of the Steemit Inc. ninja-mined.

And it also resulted in heavy criticism from parts of the crypto.

and launch a new token – a hard fork of Steem and will airdrop to the Steem.

19 Mar 2020.

An upcoming hard fork drives STEEM to new highs.

The coin takes the 38th place in the global cryptocurrency rating with the current market.

Presumably, if a person is used to running a blog on Steemit, their post-hard-fork posts will nonetheless get saved on the chain with Justin Solar’s tokens. The Tron Basis didn’t reply to a request for remark from CoinDesk. What’s going to change. By way of steem token provides, the builders will take a snapshot of all of the wallets at some block then allocate the identical token quantity to.

Hive has successfully forked from the Steem network, concluding weeks of conflict between Justin Sun and the Steem community. Following weeks of conflict between the Steem community and Justin Sun, the community-led Hive hard fork was successful.On March 20, Hive hard forked the Steem network, airdropping HIVE tokens to STEEM holders 1:1, excluding the founder’s reward.

During Virtual Blockchain Week, Justin Sun recounted his version of the events surrounding Hive’s controversial fork away.


The Hive blockchain, a hard fork of the Steem (STEEM) blockchain, has.

As promised, the new HIVE coin is already listed on two exchanges.

Furthermore, crypto exchange Binance has partnered with HIVE in the drop,

Pourquoi Bitcoin Chute 8 mars 2020. Le BTC a fortement chuté samedi et a continué de baisser dimanche. À 21:41 UTC, le Bitcoin se négociait à environ 8 331 USD soit en baisse. 2015 : Le bitcoin chute de nouveau à près de 155€. Il remontera ensuite à 275€ en mars avant une levée de fonds de près de 116 millions de dollars. En mai, le cours du Bitcoin est intégré au NYSE sous l’indice NYXTB. 2016 : Le cours du bitcoin grimpe

The Bitcoin Association, which supports Bitcoin SV, claims that its crypto network can handle as many transactions as VISA.