Anonymous Distributed E

Abstract— We consider deterministic anonymous distributed systems with broadcast.

presence of a directed edge (i, j) ∈ E means that node j ∈ V receives the.

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this paper, we propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to-peer distributed.

another place: by keeping public keys anonymous.

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Keywords: Anonymous networks, directed networks, distributed protocols.

In this work we study anonymous protocols on directed graphs G = (V, E) with two.

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Today, we are going to explore anonymous routing, techniques for routing that.

For this type of thing, we really do want a distributed map-reduce or toher.

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distributed computability becomes fascinating in anonymous networks,

node v ∈ V . When G = (V,E) is an unlabeled graph and l is a labeling function for V.

Vertex Cover and Set Cover in Anonymous Networks. Matti Åstrand.

In our vertex cover algorithm, the graph G = (V,E) rep- resents a distributed system: each.